Sunday, December 21, 2014

Certified Pre-Owned Home Listing

Certified Pre-Owned Home Listing

Is your home marketed with this caption?

**** This Home is Certified Pre-Owned ****This home has been pre-inspected, pre-appraised, and comes with the value of a 13 month Home Warranty! ** 

It is time to list your pre-owned home as a CERTIFIED pre-owned home. Call me today for information on our Certified Pre-owned home listings. Would you buy a used Mercedes Benz, Lexus or BMW if you did not get a Pre-ownd Certification? Of course not so why leave the listing and marketing of your home to just anyone. Get your home Certified today! Call me; Ed Leavy, RE/MAX First Cost of Georgia Realty. 912-552-3436

Certified Pre-Owned Homes

*all items optional.
  • By addressing the major concerns up front we are able to save time and provide peace of mind for both buyers and sellers with our Certified Pre-Owned homes.
  • Certified Pre-Owned Homes complete a 3 Stage Process in preparation for being placed on the market.
  • 1) Marketing Appraisal
  • 2) Home Inspection
  • 3) Home Warranty